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Elevate your brand with professional photography


Professional real estate photography brings higher sales.

Studies have shown listing properties with professional photographs leads to higher sales, in fact the Wall Street Journal states “listings with nicer photos gain anywhere between $935 and $116,076” . Even if you're listing sells for $1000 more than asking price the choice to invest in professional photos will pay off. At Mouve Media, we believe that you'll not only see higher sales, but attract more clients. As your number one marketing partner, we'll provide you with consistent branding through powerful photography that will grab the attention of both buyers and sellers.

Quality is our focus.

It is important to us that your clients receive the best customer service and the best photographic experience possible.   Our photographers are passionate and care just as much about creating an image that says wow as you are about making sure your clients get what they deserve out of their property.  We are your teammates, every step of the way. With our unparalleled experience, strong photographic technique and editing style, you will have the satisfaction of knowing your photographs for each listing will be the best that they can be, each and every time.

Trust us to display your business and brand through a luxurious presentation that will wow your clients and free you to focus on your business.

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Oregon Architectural Phtographer

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Oregon Coast Real Estate Photographer232

Oregon Coast Real Estate Photographer

Adding Twilight photos to your listing creates powerful marketing material, the type that will bring clients to your office door based on the photos alone. Trust us, we hear it time and time again!

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oregon coast real estate photographer

Oregon Coast Living

With beach access right out the back door, over 6 sleeping areas, a large living room and formal dining room, an upstairs family room, 3 dens, gourmet kitchen with granite counter tops, stainless appliances and large pantry.... this is the ultimate beach front getaway! Did we mention it comes fully furnished and is zoned for commercial use? Pretty sweet if you ask us!

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Oregon Coast Real Estate Photography

Going Coastal | Oregon Real Estate

This home was an adventure to shoot. With floor plan that seemed to never end, custom details at every turn, and a view from on top of the world, this property really has a personality of it's own.

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